"Bringing Becca and Floyd of Team Fun to our library was one of the best programs I’ve ever been a part of. Their message of living with an adventurous spirit and finding common ground in our differences really exemplifies what has makes them such a strong team and their infectious energy and great senses of humor had the whole room hanging on their every word. Even if you’ve never seen a second of The Amazing Race, you’ll be a Team Fun superfan by the end of their presentation."
"I have never wanted to follow the norms of the conveyor belt life, and it's fulfilling to prove that an alternative approach works."
- Becca Droz
"I went on the show knowing that it was designed to push you to your limits, it’s designed to trip you up. Staying positive was our way to “outsmart” the race. Plus, it was way more fun to race that way!"
- Floyd Pierce

Becca and Floyd's story and message about teamwork is one you won't forget. Team Fun wants to share their stories and messages with your school, youth group, office, corporate conference, you name it!

When you hire Team Fun, you can expect an engaging story, juggling, rapping, beatboxing, emotion, participation and practical tools you can apply to find more connection in your relationships at work, at home and at play!

About Team Fun!

Our story begins with two strangers in the sun,

at The Amazing Race starting line, emerged Team Fun!

Despite our differences we made our big debut,

raced around the world, black guy, lady Jew!

We maneuvered through the obstacles, discovered what is possible

experienced phenomenal, now we’re Funstoppable!

Be a Funstoppable Teammate!

Becca and Floyd are very different people with different backgrounds and different interests. By dissecting the success of their team dynamic they unveiled their FUNdamentals.

Their story is unique and so is yours!

How are you applying living F.U.N. to your life?


  • Freedom to fail. Perfection isn't fun! The foundation of success, discovery and self-awareness is a process of feedback loops where experimentation and small failures lead progressively to better outcomes. Let yourself be free to fail!

  • Unity among our differences. Rather than try and ignore our differences and only focus on commonalities, we can leverage our differences to become more empathetic, more understanding and a more effective team.

  • Novelty is necessary. When we interrupt routines, habits and reactions with new experiences, we change our brains and our responses to experiences. Uncertainty is inevitable. What if we embrace funcertainty and lean into the funknown together? It's not easy, but it is necessary.













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