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Becca Droz is a community connector and an outdoor enthusiast. She is most known for her rock climbing prowess and professional climbing guiding as well as being part of the fan favorite, "Team Fun," on the CBS Reality show, The Amazing Race on seasons 29 and 31. She is a beatboxer, writer and UMIpod Portal builder. A creative and a coach, it is Becca's goal to live her dreams and help others to identify and live their dreams, too.



Becca coaches, guides and teaches climbing in and around the Boulder, CO area. She specializes in women's courses in the gym and outside emphasizing community alongside climbing performance. She also leads climbing and adventure trips in Europe!


Becca offers 1:1 and group coaching to help you identify your dreams and move towards them, experientially, internally, relationally and financially. She works through the lens of the Enneagram and Flow psychology to support you in setting yourself up for a life you feel good about living.   


Team Fun

As part of the fan favorite "Team Fun" on The Amazing Race, Becca and her Race partner, Floyd, inspired millions of people to see life through a more optimistic lens. Becca is currently working on writing a book filled with life lessons from her experience on reality TV. Stay tuned :)

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