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Fun is a powerful force! In our eyes fun includes the following principles:


Freedom to Fail

Unity among our differences 

Novelty is necessary


These Fun O Meters are designed to bring morale into moments of challenge, to elevate moments of joy and to connect people in a unique and different way!


The more Fun O Meters you have, the more people you can share this Funstoppable connection with! 


Going skiing with a big crew? You definitely want to make sure everyone has a button to communicate the Fun levels.


Wedding party? Birthday? Family Reunion? Quarantining by yourself? Yeah... buttons are probably a good idea. 


Bulk buttons are available in any design and also in magnet form! You want bulk buttons customized to the button of your dreams or of what you think your friend's dream is? Or maybe a specific number that isn't listed? Let's make it happen! (Customization has additional costs).


Send an email to

Subject: Bulk/Custom Funstoppable Button Order!



BULK buttons and magnets (discounts for 10+)

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