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OG FOM: Fun, Funnest, Funstoppable

Funky Town FOM: Good Times, Funky Town, Funstoppable

Vibe O Meter

Chakra Meter

Wiggle FOM: Struggle, Wiggle, Dance

Drunk O Meter



Please specify which two buttons you want, using the bolded word to identify! Thanks :)


Fun is a powerful force! In our eyes fun includes the following facets:


Freedom to Fail

Unity among our differences 

Novelty is necessary


These Fun O Meters are designed to bring morale into moments of challenge, to elevate moments of joy and to connect people through the language and energy of Fun! Enjoy ;)  

Want a custom button? Send me an email at and let's make your custom button dream come true!


(customization has additional costs)



ANY TWO BUTTONS (one for you, one to gift)!

SKU: 365236412347892
  • These 2.5" buttons have a moving dial so you can show your friends how good of a time you are having. Fun, Funnest or Funstoppable?

  • If, for some strange reason, you hate your Fun O Meter, you can return it for a full refund. You pay for shipping.

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