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What is Fun?

What is Fun?

I am on a quest to discover what fun is. Cultivating experiences that result in joy will be easier when I know the ingredients to fun. While everyone seems to find different things fun, I believe that there are baseline consistencies to what makes something fun for everyone. One person might think doing mental math multiplication is fun, while someone else might think scaling up the face of a mountain is fun. While these activities are quite different, they share components that contribute to them being labeled as fun.

What are the Funderlying elements?

I have spoken with rock climbers, engineers, artists, parents and kids and it is clear that there are certain funderlying elements to what they consider to be fun.

Yes, play and laughter are certainly fun, but fun is so much more than amusement. It brings us a fulfilling sense of joy. Here are some of the consistencies I found:

Fun is:

- Connecting with people.

- Overcoming a challenge.

- Creating something.

- Expression through movement.

The FUNdementals:

Freedom to express yourself.

Unity despite our differences.

Novelty of experiences.

What makes what you do fun? And how can you incorporate more fun into your daily grind?

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