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  • Becca Droz

Find Your Allies

Chances are, you aren't the only person who you know who has a great idea. An idea that, when you think about it, you feel an inner buzz of aliveness, a belief that, if you were to follow through with this idea, it would be exactly what you want to do with your time.

But it's so scary. What if no one likes the idea? What if the haters hate? What if it doesn't work? Where do I even begin?

You aren't the only one who is facing the resistance to turn idea to action. Find your allies and connect with them. Brainstorm ideas, share insight, perspective and resources and hold each other accountable to take action! Life is full of uncertainty no matter which way you cut it, and the haters are going to hate regardless, so you might as well start what you feel pulled towards doing.

Today, my friend, Duncan, and I scrambled up the third flatiron chatting about our ideas. Getting outside and moving helps me to think more clearly. Alliances can be game changers, even if you aren't on Survivor. We both created a plan of action to write a blog post. Boom.

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